Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

Bwana Spoons Buch ab jetzt erhältlich

Soeben eingetroffen:

Welcome to Forest Island HC
Preis 26,95 Euro

Top Shelf presents Welcome to Forest Island, the very first art book by Bwana Spoons, a painter, designer, silkscreener, and zinester whose work has been featured on shoes, skateboards, t-shirts, baby strollers, and in gallery shows throughout the US, Tokyo, and Paris. All 144 full-color pages - including paintings, maps, sketches, short comics, and more - are dedicated to Forest Island, the outrageously colorful land of Bwana's imagination! Our motley cast includes whale-gators, super-cicadas, wild killers and tapirs, arrow-shooting, basket-weaving love tribes, an ex-hobo mushroom farmer, and one wacky bat who plays drums in a metal band and would do anything for a jelly-filled bagel.

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