Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

Ladys! Bitte merkt auch schonmal für das hier vor...

Die Camp Kimono-Collection als US Import zum schmalen Preis!

Mokona (Clamp) Okimono Kimono TP
Preis 11,95 Euro
Bestellnummer: 13372
Here is an exciting and charming addition to the CLAMP collection of works! CLAMP artist Mokona loves the art of traditional Japanese kimono. In fact, she designs kimono and kimono accessories herself and shares her love in Okimono Kimono, a fun and lavishly illustrated book full of drawings and illustrations, interviews (including an interview with Ami of the J-pop duo Puffy AmiYumi!), and even short manga stories from the CLAMP artists.

Fans of CLAMP will love Okimono Kimono for the personal glimpse of Mokonaís kimono obsession, and people who love the traditional Japanese arts will appreciate the love and detail Mokona puts into her work. Features an interview with Ami of Puffy AmiYumi. (via Dark Horse)