Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

wie ein guter Wein...

The Other Side TP
Preis 13,95 Euro
A new volume collecting the hard-hitting, acclaimed miniseries examining life on opposing sides of the Vietnam War through the eyes of two young men: Bill Everette, an Alabama farm boy who's been drafted into the Marine Corps, and Vietnamese farmer Vo Dai, who enlists in the People's Army of Vietnam to fulfill his duty to his country. This volume features loads of behind-the-scenes extras, including an introduction by Captain Dale Dye.

"Readers will be moved by how Aaron breathes life into sympathetic protagonists with starkly contrasting worldviews. GRADE: A"

"This is a comic worth reading to the end…. confrontation that promises to defy the genre and deliver a story that's more than just another war tale. Grade: A-"

"Nothing short of a true classic, up there with Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN and Alan Moore's WATCHMEN."