Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

"FCBD 2013": Marvel macht's "spannend"....

"The Masters Of Hype"

 ...selbst Händler und Vertrieb (Diamond) wissen bis dato nicht, was das diesjährige "Free Comic Book Day" - Comic Heft von Marvel inhaltlich bieten wird.

Hier nun die kryptisch gehaltene "Inhaltsangabe" die Marvel aktuell an Comic-Shops via e-mail verschickt hat:

Free Comic Book Day Gold Book is Coming! 

Prepare for the biggest event of the year with Marvel’s Free Comic Book day Gold Book. This 40-page book will contain an all-new story that leads into something epic later in the year as well as a requested reprint of a character’s first solo story. Finally, there's a beautiful new cover by one of the industry’s top cover artists. Please stay tuned to Marvel’s press releases for updated information regarding this book.

"Hach... ist das alles spannend..."