Freitag, 6. November 2015

Zur Einstimmung auf "Spectre": Dynamite Comics' JAMES BOND 007 # 1 ist da!


“The first issue of Ellis and Masters’ James Bond kicks off a whole new story for Britain’s greatest spy. Fresh off getting vengeance on the man who kill his fellow agent 008, Bond is tasked with investigating a mysterious organization behind a new drug hitting the streets of the United Kingdom. Soon he finds himself on a globetrotting adventure and his life at risk at every turn. It’s a classic Bond tale.”  io9

“Later this week, James Bond returns to the silver screen with SPECTRE. But if you’re a giant Bond fanatic and you simply can’t wait three whole days to get your fix, then you’re in luck — new Bond adventures are actually a lot closer than you think.” –

"James Bond - Spectre" (Abb. ähnlich) / via "Titanic"
 “…This debut from Dynamite Entertainment is everything I could have wanted in a Bond comic book. Warren Ellis, Jason Masters, and Guy Major confidently differentiate themselves away from a largely familiar canon and deliver a hard-hitting, fast paced, and well-crafted debut that only hints at what's to come for James Bond.”  -

"James Bond 007" # 1
von Dynamite Comics ist bei uns in der Torstraße erhältlich... 

Der aktuelle Film "Spectre" ist jetzt in den deutschen KInos zu sehen.