Dienstag, 30. Juni 2009

Dr. Sommerloch

"die Frage" der letzten Woche: Was kann man denn so draussen im Park lesen?
Hier ein paar Vorschläge...

Dark Tower: The Long Road Home Premiere HC
Preis 14,95 Euro statt 24,95 Euro

The second collection of the best-selling comic-book series, inspired by Stephen Kingís epic The Dark Tower! Gunslinger Roland Deschain has seen the death of his lover Susan Delgado. And the Big Coffin Hunters who burned her at the stake are now in pursuit of Roland and his ka-tet Cuthbert and Alain. The friends are forced to flee into the desert with the deadly posse in hot pursuit.and Roland is in a coma! Don't miss the next chapter in the saga of the Gunslinger whose quest for the Dark Tower will shake the foundation of reality itself! Collecting DARK TOWER: THE LONG ROAD HOME #1-5.

Sollte man sich ansehen weil:
zur Zeit unschlagbar günstig (14,95 Euro)

All Star Batman and Robin Vol. 01 TP
Preis 18,95 Euro

The talked-about hit Batman story by modern master Frank Miller (BATMAN: YEAR ONE, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS) and artists extraordinaire Jim Lee & Scott Williams (BATMAN, SUPERMAN) is now available in softcover format! Lee and Miller join forces to tell a new version of Dick Grayson’s origin in a high-octane tale that unfolds with guest appearances by Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Black Canary and more! This volume collects issues #1-9 of the explosive series! Plus a Jim Lee sketchbook and a variant cover gallery.

Sollte man sich ansehen weil:
- die Story im Gegensatz zur deutschen Ausgabe von Panini komplett enthalten ist

Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles - Vol. 3
Preis 14,95 Euro

Lock your doors, hide your liquor, and grab your penicillin; Mr. Wiggles is back for more mayhem and misanthropy in this third collection of comics from acclaimed cartoonist, Neil Swaab! Join the lovably deviant teddy bear and his human companion as they navigate a world of addiction, sex, psychosis, and dangerous obsession, discovering humor in the most unlikely (and sometimes unwanted) places. Collecting over 200 comics from the hit weekly alternative comic strip plus all new bonus activities, this is the most deviant Mr. Wiggles book yet!

Sollte man sich ansehen weil:
- Gott einen Gastauftritt hat...