Montag, 10. Mai 2010

completely OT / non-comic!!!: THE HOLY MOUNTAIN - Alejandro Jodorowsky

Der Filmclub Berlin zeigt am kommenden Dienstag Alejandro Jodorowskys Bilderrausch THE HOLY MOUNTAIN (1973), »den jeder wenigstens einmal im Leben gesehen haben sollte...« (meint

Dienstag 11.05.2010
20.30 Uhr | Sputnik Kino | Hasenheide 54
vorgestellt von James Bews

...nothing in your education or experience have prepared you for this film... completely outside the entire tradition of motion picture art... outside the tradition of modern theatre... and the tradition of criticism and review...

teos9888 schreibt auf YouTube: I've got to admit it wasn't an easy watch...sometimes it made me want to vomit, others laugh at it...about halfway through, I wanted to stop but I'm glad I didn't... In fact, I think it's now one of my favorites...

be warned!