Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

Alan Moore trifft Occupy

Channel 4 News (UK) hat gestern einen schönen News-Clip veröffentlicht, wie Alan Moore die V for Vendetta-Masken von Occupy trifft...

From comic strip to symbol of world rebellion, the V for Vendetta mask is an iconic image of our times...

What images immediately embody rebellion in recent decades? Let me suggest two: the smiley face for the ecstasy generation in the late 80s and early 90s, and the V mask which is currently the icon of global anti-capitalist protest.

Both images have spread beneath the level of corporate dictat: neither were concocted by an advertising agency. Both were, and are, recognisable across the planet, and were communicated as memes from user to user.

More remarkably, both emerged from the work of one man - Alan Moore, a working-class Northampton comics writer with a polymath's range of references, and a really rather scary beard. It is hard to suggest another creative artist - certainly not a British one - who has had such an impact on popular culture and above all popular protest.

Channel 4 News decided to bring Alan Moore from his Northampton home, face-to-face with the Occupy protesters who wear his creation.
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