Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

LOCAL by Brian Wood

Brian Wood

"Megan McKeenan sits at the heart of these 12 interconnected stories that are pulled together in the final two chapters into a well-worked, cohesive novel. Each story is set in a very specific North American place, from Portland, Oregon, to Richmond, Virginia, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Austin, Texas. In them, Megan is engaged in the multifaceted journey of finding herself as well as in the physical journey so many stops involve... Combining road saga, bildungsroman, and existentialism, Local has something to suit the tastes of readers who already like Capote, or Kerouac, or Albertine Sarrazin, and has the potential for leading others to explore such more traditional, equally nuanced storytellers." --Booklist

Published by Oni Press
Local is co-created by Ryan Kelly & Brian Wood

[One of the] Best Graphic Novels of 2008 - NPR

"Brian Wood is the master of the single-issue comic... [Local is] one of the most complete portraits of a person that I’ve read not just in comics, but anywhere." - Bust Magazine

"If you want to know what a quality indie looks like read [Local]... One of the best ongoing indie comics of the last 3 years" - Blair Butler / G4TV

"Wood ingeniously sifts through the grit of the ugliest human emotions and depicts relationships that rustle them to the surface."

Erhältlich bei uns (seit 2008!) im US- Import- Hardcover; einer unserer "Longsellers". (Natürlich haben wir auch die anderen Comic Bücher von Autor Brian Wood als US- Import vorrätig: NORTHLANDERS, DEMO usw.!)

(Eine Besprechung der jüngst erschienenen deutsch-sprachigen Version hält der Berliner "Tagesspiegel" parat.)