Mittwoch, 29. April 2009

Endlich angekündigt!

Endlich ist absehbar das ein Buch von Scott Musgrove erscheint! Leider gibt es noch keinen genauen Termin, es soll aber noch diesen Sommer kommen. Infos folgen sobald bei uns vorrätig!

The Late Fauna of Early North America

Scott Musgrove unearths previously undiscovered animals through a dedicated and scientifically un-approved practice of zoological impressionism. A lonestar in the field, he ventures where the graymaned, khaki- clad, anthropologists with ivory walking sticks have not -- tunneling beneath freeways and ditch-combing along the rough borders of American mini-malls, in search of undiscovered and, up to this point, at least, extinct animals.The Late Fauna of Early North America features lush, highly detailed landscapes and up-close encounters with all manner of strange and beautiful creatures. Full color reproductions of his paintings abound, including unique antique frames, custom gold engraved nameplates, carved wooden sculptures, watercolors, ink drawings, and pencil renderings from the field. Scott's unorthodox research methods combined with his unmatched facility with paint and color result in a fascinating survey of what might have been in North America, if not for the invasion of pernicious settlers. Scott restores these beasts to life in his studio, stretching and stapling carpet scraps across ribs and skulls. With the help of a glue gun and a needle and thread, Scott sews and sculpts until the Harry Brook Trout or the Dwarf Basket Horse is finally staring back at him. Then and only then, does Scott attempt to paint them back into their pristine, natural environment. Scott brings these wild idols, relics and bio-wonders back to life and legitimacy in this handsome volume. 7 1/2" x 10", hardcover, full color.

Bestellnummer: 10065
ISBN: 0867197102 / 9780867197105
Preis ca. 33,- Euro