Dienstag, 8. September 2009

zur Zeit zwei Must-Haves

an diesen beiden kommt bei uns zur Zeit niemand vorbei:

GU: 11412
Paul Hornschemeier
All and Sundry: Uncollected Works HC
Preis 26,95 Euro

All and Sundry corrals critically- acclaimed author and artist Paul Hornschemeier's work from the last five years -- work previously ungathered, and in many cases never before seen in print. These works span the globe, from periodicals to museums, including: conceptual drawings and comics of Ulysses S. Grant created for an exhibit in Paris; an a
ward- winning cover exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London; the 17-part serialized tale of divine intervention, non-linearity, and social webs, "Huge Suit Visits the People"; and comic strips for The Wall Street Journal and CNN featuring the unlikely cartoon protagonists of Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone as Rambo, and the ?gray fox,? Anderson Cooper. Plus covers and designs from multiple foreign editions of Paul's books; recent album art; a collaboration with Michael Kupperman; short, illustrated prose (thus far seen only in the pages of the anthology Mome); and extensive selections from sketches and sketchbooks, providing an unusual glimpse at the chaotic world of Hornschemeier's work. All and Sundry, perhaps more than any previous collection of Hornschemeier's work, demonstrates the variety and depth of the artist's interests and pursuits, and invites an examination of the entirety of his process, from first fevered scrawl to final, pristine brush line. Hardcover, mostly color. "Hornschemeier doesn't simply push the panel edges of the comics medium; he designs entirely off the page, encouraging other creators to join him over the horizon." -Chicago Tribune

GU: 99256
David Mazzucchelli
Asterios Polyp HC
Preis 26,95 Euro

Meet Asterios Polyp: middle-aged, architect and teacher, aesthete and womanizer, whose life is upended when his New York City apartment goes up in flames. He leaves the city and relocates to a small town in the American heartland. But what is this “escape” really about? As the story shifts from present to past, the pieces of Polyp's life come together and we meet Hana: a sweet, smart, first-generation Japanese American artist with whom he had made a blissful life. But now she’s gone; what has happened to her? Mazzucchelli’s extraordinarily imagined world of brilliantly conceived eccentrics, sharply observed social mores, and deftly depicted asides on everything from design theory to the nature of human perception becomes a masterpiece: a great American graphic novel.

Quatsch zur Nacht

und vor dem zu Bett gehen noch ein unterhaltsames Zelda Video (4 fans only):

Kaum da und schon wieder weg? Moment mal...

Was ging da wieder bei Diamond schief ?
Irredeemable #6 wird SOLD OUT gemeldet und wir hatten es noch nicht mal!?!?!?!?

KEINE ANGST! Wir bekommen das Heft diese Woche!


Official Press Release

BOOM! Studios proudly announced today that IRREDEEMABLE #6 has completely sold out — after only one day. (Quelle Comicbookresources)

Zum kompletten Pressetext gelangt ihr wenn ihr ->HIER<- klickt!

neuer Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Soundtrack seit heute bei uns vorbestellbar

Reunion Tracks / Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete

Sony Music Entertainment
Bestellnummer: 12642

Preis ca 29,95 Euro

Original soundtrack release from theatrical anime "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children [Blu-ray]" based on hit game "Final Fantasy VII." Includes new songs and arranged songs.
Bonus Track: bonus track: music for anime version of "On the Way to a Smile EPISODE DENZEL FINAL FANTASY VII"