Montag, 25. Januar 2010


Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol. 01
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The #1 bestselling book of the decade now in graphic novel format!
The love story between the innocent teenager Bella and the handsome vampire Edward, which prompted a worldwide phenomenon, breathes new life in a two-volume adaptation of Twilight! The first volume has been rigorously reviewed by Stephenie Meyer and reflects her personal vision of the world of The Twilight Saga. This unique art style — a black-and-white graphic novel with color interspersed throughout — is guaranteed to take a bite out of the graphic novel world and leave fans eagerly anticipating the exciting conclusion in Twilight: The Graphic Novel Volume 2!
This first volume has been rigorously reviewed by Stephenie Meyer and reflects her vision of Twilight in graphic format. Myers herself writes, "I’ve enjoyed working on this new interpretation of Twilight. Young has done an incredible job transforming the words that I have written into beautiful images. The characters and setting are very close to what I was imagining while writing the series."(Previews-World)

Zwischendurch noch ein bisschen Gehirnfrost?


John Stanley Library: Thirteen Going on Eighteen HC
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In the early to mid-1960s, John Stanley turned his attentions to drawing and writing his own series, specifically Melvin Monster, Around the Block with Dunc and Loo, Kookie, and the most interesting of these titles, Thirteen Going on Eighteen, rather than working with already established licensed characters he is most well known for such as Little Lulu. D+Q has embarked on an archival series of Stanley’s comics including Melvin Monster, Around the Block with Dunc and Loo, Kookie and Thirteen Going on Eighteen. Thirteen Going on Eighteen focuses on the friendship and rivalry of two teenage girls, Val and Judy. Each comic is a darkly hilarious look at the social maneuverings and betrayals of the teen set. Stanley’s stripped down approach perfectly captures the fever pitch of teenage years. He creates a teenage sit-com and turns it into an anguished character study.(D&Q)
Wer mehr über John Stanley wissen will sollte mal auf  den Blog "Stanleystories" gehen!

Mein Lesetipp für diese Woche:

Oishinbo: Pub Food TP
Preis: 12,95 Euro
A quest for the ultimate menu! R to L (Japanese Style). "Izakaya--Pub Food"Izakaya occupy the same vital space in the Japanese culinary landscape as tapas bars in Spain or tavernas in Greece. Unpretentious, frequently boisterous, they're places to meet with friends or business partners to unwind over drinks and small dishes that range from hearty standards to refined innovations. In this volume of Oishinbo, Yamaoka and Kurita investigate classic izakaya foods such as edamame and yakitori, devise new dishes to add to the menu of an old shop, and discover how the concept of "play" is essential to the enjoyment of food. As part of the celebrations for its 100th anniversary, the publishers of the TMzai News have commissioned the creation of the "Ultimate Menu," a model meal embodying the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine. This all-important task has been entrusted to journalist Yamaoka ShirM, an inveterate cynic who possesses no initiative--but also an incredibly refined palate and an encyclopedic knowledge of food. Each volume of Oishinbo follows Yamaoka and his colleagues through another adventure on their quest for the Ultimate Menu. Now, the highlights from the hundred-plus volume series have been selected and compiled into A la Carte editions: bite-sized chunks of story arranged by subject that add up to a full-course manga meal!(Viz Media)

Oishinbo ist nicht nur bei uns ein Thema!
Im beliebten Magazin für "Essen und Leben - Effilé" schreibt Peter Lau äusserst positiv über die Oishinbo Serie! Den Artikel gibt es ->HIER<-  alles weitere über Oishinbo gibt es ->HIER<-