Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Diese Woche: ein DANIEL CLOWES-Cover des New Yorker

This week's New Yorker features an astute and bleakly funny cover on graduating from college from Dan. Part of Dan's slide show for WILSON, he talks about learning the subtle language of a New Yorker cover joke.

gefunden bei: drawnandquarterly.blogspot.com | comicsbeat.com

Website des US-Porno-Manga-Verlags ICARUS PUBLISHING mit »malware« verseucht

This site was recently compromised by a javascript-based injection attack sometime this week. It has been closed until we can clean the server and remove the trojan. We expect to restore the site within a few days.

Please perform antivirus and anti-rootkit scans on your computer, empty your browser cache, and clear cookies if you have visited this site within the past month.

Until Google re-evaluates this page, it will still be listed as a potential malware site, but there is no risk of infection from this page right now.

Since most people likely won't see this message, feel free to spread the word about this downtime. We'd appreciate it.
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