Montag, 16. April 2018

Brian M. Bendis, Dan Didio & Co. in der New York Times: "Truth, justice and the American way are under siege..."

Die Business Day Section der renommierten "NYT" hat einen informativen Artikel zu DC Entertainments Planungen zu Superman's 80. Geburtstag veröffentlicht.

In dem ausführlichen Beitrag kommen unter anderem (natürlich) der neue Autor der beiden Supie-Hauptserien, der Ex-Marvel- Schreiberling Brian Michael Bendis, aber z.B. auch DC Obermotz Dan Didio oder Jim Lee zu Wort.

ab Juli: das DC NATION magazine # 1

Einige wenige Auszüge im O-Ton:

There’s no denying the effect Mr. Bendis had on the Disney-owned Marvel, but also on popular culture. He reinvigorated Daredevil, restarted the Avengers in 2004 and introduced Jessica Jones, the dark, foul-mouthed superpowered private investigator who is now known by millions of binge watchers through her onscreen adaptation on Netflix

That same streaming service also features Luke Cage, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Bendis’ interpretation of the street-level hero.  

“There are very few creators who can be an impact player from the moment they walk in the door,” said Jim Lee, the DC co-publisher. “And Brian is one of those people. As soon as he walked in, you knew he was going to make a difference. Not only the attention he brings, but the quality of story he tells.” ...

ab Juli: SUPERMAN (Vol. 5) # 1, regular cover

Comic Reader are the ones  
with the early access fee 
to get into what’s going to be hot

.... John Jackson Miller, a comic book writer and former trade magazine editor who tracks industry circulation for, points out, the death of the medium is a myth — for now. From 2011 to 2016, there was intense growth in sales across print and digital — largely because of individual comic books acting as a serial outlet for graphic novels.  

In 2016, sales in the industry hovered around $1.08 billion. And while numbers for last year are expected to show a decline in overall sales (most notably with Marvel), those numbers will still exceed $1 billion. ... 

“Comics readers — the ones buying the monthly comics — are the focus group,” Mr. Miller said. “They are the ones with the early access fee to get into what’s going to be hot, what’s going to be in theaters, in video games, in Netflix shows.” .... 

...“Even if Superman is not our best seller,” Mr. DiDio said, “the success and the positioning of the company works because of Superman. If Superman is working well, the entire line seems to be working well. If it’s not working well, then it seems like something’s out of whack. It’s intensely important for us to make sure that the Superman franchise is in good hands....

ab Juli: ACTION COMICS # 1001, regular cover

Der komplette Beitrag ist HIER zu finden!

80 Jahre Superman in 80 Sekunden!

...da ist (fast) jede "Superman"- Geschmacksrichtung bzw. Inkarnation (aus Comic, TV, Film) dabei. Der US Comic-Vertrieb "Diamond Comics Distribution" hat dem Stählernen das folgende Geburtstags-Video gewidmet...

This Wednesday marks the 1,000th issue of Action Comics, the publication that gave the world Superman!

Not coincidentally, it also marks the 80th anniversary of the Man of Steel himself, which is double the cause for celebration! In the above video, we travel through 80 years of Superman in 80 seconds (still not faster than a speeding bullet, but we tried), providing viewers with a rolling retrospective of the Kryptonian's many different looks and adaptations over the decades.

Action Comics #1,000 (FEB180142) swoops into comic books stores on April 18, 2018 with multiple variant covers. It is priced at $7.99.

ACTION COMICS # 1000 wird ab Mittwoch auch im UNFUG erhältlich sein, ebenso wie das Jubiläums-Poster! (Das Begleitbuch "Action Comics - 80 Years Of Superman" ist bereits erhältlich!)