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Update: CONVERGENCE - Die 40 neuen DC -Mini-Serien im April 2015! Rückkehr vieler Original - Versionen von Helden & Schurken! Dan Didio -Interview Video


DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan Didio verrät einiges über die Entstehung und Hintergründe des CONVERGENCE - Event, wobei er (selbstverständlich) nicht nur Fragen beantwortet sondern auch neue aufwirft. Achtet auch auf das Artwork der Mini-Serien das im Video gezeigt wird!

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Inzwischen hat DC Comics eine komlette Übersicht der vierzig 2teiligen Mini- Serien veröffentlicht,die im April und Mai 2015 den Platz der "regulären" DC Universe-Serien ("The New 52") übernehmen werden.

Diese flankieren die neunteilige, ebenfalls im April und Mai erscheinende, wöchentliche Mini-Serie CONVERGENCE (mehr zu Inhalt und Creative-Teams findet ihr z.B.HIER!, HIER! oder HIER!)

Interessant -besonders für Fans  und Leser die bereits seit einigen Jahren den Abenteuern der 'DC Heroen folgen- ist der Umstand, das bei einigen der angekündigten Mini-Serien Autoren und/oder Zeichner Titel betreuen, für die sie damals schon tätig waren (z.B. Autor Marv Wolfman für die populärste "Titans"-Version -aus den 80er Jahren, oder Jerry Ordway für "Infinity Inc." usw.) - das könnte im Idealfall ein nostalgisches Lesevergnügen werden...

Viele Mini-Serien greifen auch Handlungsfäden der damaligen Original-Serien aus den 80er bis 00er Jahren wieder auf (Beispiele:"Justice Society", "Detective Comics", "Speed Force","Superman" usw.)!

WEEK 1 (8. April 2015):

die Mini-Serien der ersten Auslieferungswoche werfen offensichtlich einen Blick auf DCs "Haupt- Erde" (auf der die DCU -Stories ab 1986 spielten), deren Storylines und Charactere letztmals im August 2011 zu sehen waren (bevor die "modernisierten" NEW 52- Versionen deren "Plätze" in den DC -Veröffentlichungen übernahmen).

Fans können somit nochmals einen Blick auf diese Versionen der Charactere werfen, die von DC so schnöde auf's Abstellgleis geschoben wurden:

Superman # 1 (of 2) LS
written by Dan Jurgens, with art by Lee Weeks, Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.
Superman and Lois deal with the impending birth of their child as he is called in to protect the city.

The Question  # 1 (of 2) LS
scripted by Greg Rucka, with art by Cully Hamner.
Two-Face is fighting another world's Harvey Dent, and it's up to Renee Montoya as the Question to help him beat the odds.

The Atom # 1 (of 2) LS
by Tom Peyer, with art by Steve Yeowell and Andy Owens.
Ray Palmer finds that Ryan Choi is still alive. Together, they meet and confront Deathstroke, the man responsible for “killing” Choi, before fighting the invading Extremists.

Batgirl# 1 (of 2) LS
by Alisa Kwitney, with art by Rick Leonardi and Mark Pennington.
After a year in the dome, Stephanie Brown is not sure she wants to be Batgirl again. But when Flashpoint Catman attacks, Red Robin and Black Bat call her back into service.

Nightwing/Oracle # 1 (of 2) LS
by Gail Simone, with art by Jan Duursema and Dan Parsons.
Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon reevaluate their relationship under the dome (wedding!), but Flashpoint Hawkman & Hawkwoman attack, and everything changes.

Harley Quinn # 1 (of 2) LS
by Steve Pugh, with art by Phil Winslade and John Dell.
Harley Quinn is enjoying her normal life under the dome until Catwoman and Poison Ivy draft her to fight Captain Carrot.

Speed Force  # 1 (of 2) LS
by Tony Bedard, with art by Tom Grummett and Sean Parsons.
Wally West and his kids are separated from Linda, which was bad enough, but when the dome falls, Flashpoint Wonder Woman comes for them.

Titans  # 1 (of 2) LS
by Fabian Nicieza, with illustration by Ron Wagner and Jose Marzan.
Starfire and Donna Troy come to get Roy Harper who has gone into seclusion since the death of his child and loss of his arm, but then Arsenal has to choose between his team and resurrecting his dead daughter.

Justice League # 1 (of 2) LS
by Frank Tieri, with art by Vicente Cifuentes.
When Supergirl, Zatanna, and Jade went to Jessie Quick's baby shower, they didn't expect to be taken to another planet for a year, or to be attacked by Flashpoint Aquaman.

Batman & Robin # 1 (of 2) LS
by Ron Marz, with art by Denys Cowan and Klaus Janson.
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Denys Cowan and Klaus Janson
Bruce Wayne and Damian have friction with Red Hood before the Extremists attack.


WEEK 2 (15. April 2015):

In der zweiten Woche starten Minis in denen stark Bezug genommen wird auf Storylines und Charactere, die man (nicht nur) in den 90er Jahren in den DC UNIVERSE- Serien finden konnte... 

Charactere aus Mark Waid's Kingdom Come treffen hier auf verschiedene Versionen von Batman,   Green Arrow trifft auf seinen erwachsenen Sohn Connor Hawke, und die "böse" gewordene Green Lantern "Parallax - Hal Jordan" kehrt zurück...! Mit den Namen der Mini-Serien werden z.T. damals erfolgreiche DC-Titel wiederbelebt ("Shadow Of The Bat", "Superman:Man Of Steel" usw.)

Superman: Man of Steel # 1 (of 2) LS
by Louise Simonson with art by June Brigman and Roy Richardson.
Metropolis was taken when Superman was missing, so it’s up to Steel to guard the city from the heroes of GEN13 in his absence.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat  # 1 (of 2) LS
by Larry Hama with art Philip Tan and Jason Paz.
A year ago, Batman got trapped in Metropolis when hunting down Azrael. Now he must team with the man that replaced him, and see how differently they operate as Batmans.

Justice League International  # 1 (of 2) LS
by Ron Marz with art by Mike Manley.
The levity of the JLI team collides with the severity of the world of Kingdom Come.

Catwoman  # 1 (of 2) LS
by Justin Gray with art by Ron Randall.
A year under the dome can change anyone, even Catwoman. She's set aside her life of crime to become the protector of Suicide Slum, but when the dome falls she will face her greatest challenge—Kingdom Come Batman.

Supergirl: Matrix # 1 (of 2) LS
by Keith Giffen with art by Ramon Bachs.
What do Supergirl, Lady Quark, and Ambush Bug have in common? Well... nothing really. But that didn't stop us from sticking them in a story together. You are SO welcome.

Superboy # 1 (of 2) LS
 by Fabian Nicieza with art by Karl Moline and Jose Marzan Jr.
Has Kon-El earned the right to be the man of steel? Kon will have to prove his mettle in battle against the Superman of Kingdom Come! But what if the only way to save Metropolis is to lose the fight?

Aquaman # 1 (of 2) LS
by Tony Bedard with art by Cliff Richards.
Trapped in the domed city, Aquaman struggles with the loss of his hand as he confronts a deadly adversary—Deathblow.

Suicide Squad  # 1 (of 2) LS
by Frank Tieri with art by Tom Mandrake.
When Kingdom Come's floating fortress of New Oa threatens Metropolis, it’s up to Amanda Waller to put together a team of the city’s deadliest villains to stop it. 

Green Lantern/Parallax # 1 (of 2) LS
by Tony Bedard with art by Ron Wagner and Bill Reinhold.
Rookie Green Lantern Kyle Rayner gears up to battle invaders, but is he ready to fight Hal Jordan, also known as Parallax?

Green Arrow # 1 (of 2) LS
by Christy Marx with art by Rags Morales and Claude St-Aubin.
Oliver Queen meets Connor Hawke for the first time, but is he ready to hand over the Green Arrow mantle to his son?


WEEK 3 (22. April 2015):

...und in der dritten Woche liegt das Hauptaugenmerk wohl auf den DC Figuren, wie Fans sie in den 70er und 80er Jahren kannten... und beschert uns ein Wiedersehen mit dem Original "Supergirl" (Kara Zor-El), die 1985 in "Crisis On Infinite Earths" #7  in's kryptonische Gras biß. Auch die "Justice League Detroit" (aus den letzten Ausgaben der original-JLoA- Heft-Reihe) oder etwa "Batman & The Outsiders" (in den deutschen DC-Comics des Ehapa-Verlags noch "Das Batman - Team" genannt!) kehren (kurz) zurück...

The Flash # 1 (of 2) LS
by Dan Abnett, with art by Federico Dallocchio.
Trapped in Gotham, Barry Allen has nowhere to run. He fights on, seeking justice as well as a way to save the city. But he faces a Tangent Universe foe that thinks faster than the Flash could ever move.

Batman and the Outsiders # 1 (of 2) LS
by Marc Andreyko, with art by Carlos D’Anda.
After a year under the dome, the Outsiders have gone their separate ways, but when OMAC attacks, Batman must find out if they have what it takes to still be a team.

Adventures of Superman # 1 (of 2) LS
by Marv Wolfman, with art by  Roberto Viacava and Andy Owens.
Superman and Supergirl try to escape the city through the Phantom Zone, but they enter a portion they’ve never seen before and learn that Supergirl is destined to die if they return to their proper time and dimension. True story.

Wonder Woman # 1 (of 2) LS
by Larry Hama, with art by Josh Middleton.
White-jumpsuit-clad Diana Prince is in the grips of a Domesday cult when her lover Steve Trevor leaps into the fray to save Etta Candy from vampires of Red Rain.

Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes # 1 (of 2) LS
by Stuart Moore, with art by Gus Storms and Mark Farmer.
While Brainiac 5 struggles to break through the dome, Superboy tries to keep the Legion of Super-Heroes spirits up—but then the Atomic Knights ride into town.

Green Lantern Corps # 1 (of 2) LS
by David Gallaher, with art by Steve Ellis and Ande Parks.
Say the Oath, save the world! If only being the Green Lantern Corps was that easy. Hal has resigned, John is busy, and Guy is pissed. Together for the first time—they’ll save Gotham or die trying.

Swamp Thing # 1 (of 2) LS
by Len Wein, with art by Kelley Jones.
Swamp Thing struggles to survive when the dome cuts off his contact with the Green.

Justice League America # 1 (of 2) LS
by Fabian Nicieza, with art by ChrisCross.
With their heavy hitters sidelined, Elongated Man must lead the much-maligned “Detroit Justice League” against the overwhelming power of the heroes from the Tangent Universe!

Hawkman # 1 (of 2) LS
by Jeff Parker, with art by Tim Truman and Enrique Alcatena.
Hawkman and Hawkgirl put their Shadow War on hold as they face the anthropomorphic might of rat-men and bat-men in the deadly land of Kamandi!

New Teen Titans # 1 (of 2) LS
by Marv Wolfman, with art by Nicola Scott and Marc Deering.
Titans Together! Fighting against the might of the Tangent Universe’s Doom Patrol, we are reminded why this is the greatest Titans team of all.

WEEK 4 (29. April 2015):

die vierte Woche wird wohl die schrägste (aber auch vielversprechendste) werden: DC veröffentlicht Mini-Serien, plaziert auf ihren damaligen "Original"- Welten; d.h. die Abenteuer von CAPTAIN MARVEL ("Shazam!"), "Blue Beetle" & Co. spielen in den Kontinuitäten aus der Zeit, bevor diese durch die "Crisis On Infinite Earths" null und nichtig wurden.
Witzig: "Action Comics" zeigt ein Abenteuer des Original "Superman" ("Kal-L", dessen Abenteuer ab 1938 -!- veröffentlicht wurden) mit seiner Cousine "Power Girl"; "Detective Comics" setzt dagegen die Story um den Tod des Original "Batman" fort (seine Tochter Helena Wayne "Huntress" und der erwachsene Dick Grason "Robin" inklusive), die zu Beginn der 80er Jahre innerhalb der "Justice Society" Serie lief....  

Die vierte Woche ist definitiv 'was für Alt-Leser und Nostalgiker.

Note - these are all pre-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" titles, with different settings!

Pre-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" – Earth 3 title:

Crime Syndicate  # 1 (of 2) LS
by Brian Buccellato, with art by Phil Winslade.
The Crime Syndicate’s absolute control of their city is challenged when the dome comes down and changes everything. Now, Superwoman is on death row while the rest of the team fights One Million Universe’s Batman and Superman!

Pre-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" – Earth 2 titles:

Justice Society of America # 1 (of 2) LS
by Dan Abnett, with art by Tom Derenick and Trevor Scott.
Older and in full retirement under the dome, members of the Justice Society get the chance to regain their youths to stave off forces from the Qward Universe. But the promise of youth comes with a deadly price.

Infinity Inc. # 1 (of 2) LS
by Jerry Ordway, with art by Ben Caldwell.
The young heroes of Infinity Inc. must choose between the path set for them by their parents or the one they’ve set for themselves as they face post-apocalyptic Jonah Hex.

Detective Comics # 1 (of 2) LS
by Len Wein, with art by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz.
Helena Wayne and Dick Grayson fight side by side in memory of Bruce Wayne as they decide who will become the next Batman.

Action Comics # 1 (of 2) LS
by Justin Gray, with art by Claude St-Aubin and Sean Parsons.
Superman teams up with Power Girl, but can they stop a nuclear strike from Lex Luthor and Stalin of Red Son Moscow?

World’s Finest Comics # 1 (of 2) LS
by Paul Levitz, with art by Jim Fern and Joe Rubinstein,
and cartoons by Shannon Wheeler.
The Seven Soldiers of Victory regroup to defend their city against the Qward invasion, while cartoonist Scribbly Jibbet transcribes their adventures.

Pre-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" -- Earth 4 title:

Blue Beetle # 1 (of 2) LS
by Scott Lobdell, with art by Yishan Li.
Hub City is on the brink of collapse and anarchy! But its heroes—Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, and Question—find inspiration and strength from the most unlikely source.

Pre-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" -- Earth S title:

Shazam  # 1 (of 2) LS
by Jeff Parker, with art by Evan “Doc” Shaner.
It’s Shazam versus Steampunk, as the world of Gotham By Gaslight takes on the Captain Marvel family and friends.

Pre-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" -- Earth X title:

Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters # 1 (of 2) LS
by Simon Oliver, with art by John McCrea.
Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters are on the gallows in a New York taken over by Nazis, when robot super-heroes attack from Futures End and enemies become allies.

Multiple Earths title:

Booster Gold # 1 (of 2) LS
by Dan Jurgens, with art by Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernande.
 Trapped with Rip Hunter and other time travelers, Booster and his future self must work together to get out of prison and off the planet.

Alle 40 Zwei-Teiler (sowie die CONVERGENCE weekly) können bei uns in der Torstrasse abonniert werden!

(Hinweis: die Abos der regulären "New 52" -Serien ruhen / pausieren im April und Mai 2015!)