Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017

Spider-Man TOM HOLLAND zum "Free Comic Book Day" 2017

...wie schon in den vergangenen Jahren so gibt es auch diesmal 
Werbe-Videos ("Botschaften") von Schauspielern, die in 
irgendeiner Form schon 'mal eine Comic-Figur dargestellt

In diesem Jahr hat der (inzwischen bereits vierte)
 Spider-Man Darsteller Tom Holland das Wort.

...wir sehen uns am Samstag ab 11 Uhr in der Torstrasse. 

Zeichner - Legende George Pérez ("Wonder Woman", "Fantastic Four") nach Herz-Infarkt im Krankenhaus!

George Pérez mußte seine Teilnahme an der "East Coast Comic Con" kurzfristig absagen.

Hier ein Auszug aus dem Statement, das er nach der glücklich erfolgten (ersten) Herz-OP über seinen Agenten verbreiten lies:

"I am so genuinely flattered, humbled, and grateful for all the emails, texts, phone calls and messages that I’ve received regarding my latest medical situation. To clarify the facts to everyone: Yes, I did have a heart attack

George Pérez
I was on a plane leaving from Los Angeles, CA, heading to Secaucus, NJ for a comic convention when I started to feel some discomfort in my chest. It was mild and sporadic at first, but became more intense after I checked into my hotel in New Jersey. I called the front desk and they called for an ambulance. I also phoned my longtime friend and art agent Spencer Beck, who contacted my wife Carol, who was visiting friends in England. 

He figured correctly that news of my affliction and possible speculations could fill the social networks, and didn’t want Carol to find out that way. At first it was speculated that I may have had blood clots that may have reached my heart or lungs, but a second EKG determined that I had indeed suffered a heart attack with some rather severe blockage in some of the vessels. 

As of this writing, I have already undergone one operation to place a stent to clear the blockage on the right side of my heart and am scheduled to have the left side taken care of today..."

Das komplette Statement kann man (z.B.) auf Bleeding Cool lesen.

Eine Übersicht seiner Karriere gibt es z.B. in der GCD