Freitag, 8. April 2011

SMALLVILLE Season 10 Finale - Teaser Trailer

Finale am 13. 05. 2011 , nach 218 Episoden in 10 Seasons!

c) 2011 WB, DC, CW

Silent Hill Soundtrack Empfehlung

Die Silent Hill Soundtracks wurden noch einmal aufgelegt! Wer noch keinen hat sollte sich mal diese Soundtrack Box hier ansehen, wirkt von der Aufmachung her so wie damals die Biohazard (Resident Evil) CD Box. Die Box ist nur noch für kurze Zeit bei uns gegen Anzahlung bestellbar. 

Silent Hill Sounds Box [w/ DVD, Limited Release]
Bestellnummer GFCA-243
Preis ca. 220,00 Euro
Original soundtrack release from KONAMI's horror game "SILENT HILL" series featuring tracks from "SILENT HILL HOMECOMING," "SILENT HILL SHATTERED MEMORIES," "SILENT HILL THE ARCADE," demo tracks, rare tracks and more. Contains eight CDs and a bonus DVD. Comes with a 20-page booklet. (Konami)

Vier zum Wochenende!

Aaron and Ahmed HC
Preis 22,95 Euro
After his fiancée dies on 9/11, the question plagues Aaron Goodman. It makes him give up his career as a doctor to become an interrogator at Guantanamo Bay. 
It leads him to meme theory, as he wonders if there could be a cold science behind the conversion of people into suicide bombers. And ultimately, it brings him to Ahmed, a Gitmo prisoner who promises the answers to all of Aaron s questions, and in the process, he'll take Aaron from Guantanamo Bay to the jihadist camps in Pakistan, back to Ground Zero in New York City. 
But where do Ahmed's real loyalties lie? From where did that loyalty spring? To answer that, Aaron will have to reexamine everything he believes, and stare down one of the most compelling questions of the 21st century. (DC)

Finder Library: Vol. 01
Preis 22,95 Euro

Since 1996, Finder has set the bar for science-fiction storytelling, with a lush, intricate world and compelling characters. Now, Dark Horse is proud to present the first four story arcs of Carla Speed McNeil’s groundbreaking series in a single, affordably priced volume!
Follow enigmatic hero Jaeger through a “glorious, catholic pileup of high-tech SF, fannish fantasy, and street-level culture clash” (Village Voice), and discover the lush world and compelling characters that have carved Finder a permanent place in the pantheon of independent comics.
* This first of two Finder Library volumes collects the multiple Eisner Award-nominated story arcs Sin Eater, King of Cats, and fan-favorite Talisman. (Dark Horse)

Poseurs TP
Preis 15,95 Euro
Poseurs follows three teenagers from distinctly different corners of Los Angeles who meet in the underworld of LA nightlife and Hollywood parties - and get in over their heads! From the graffiti-tagged streets of LA's eastside to the bloated, billion dollar mansions of Bel Air, it's a full-blown party noir! (Image)

Yesterday's Tomorrow TP
Preis 22,95 Euro

An eclectic and stylish collection of comics from Rian Hughes, renowned illustrator and graphic designer, Yesterday's Tomorrows features infamous and hard-to-find collaborations with Eisner Award winner Grant Morrison - Dan Dare, a post-modern classic that sets the aging and retired iconic British character Dare against a modern British landscape he no longer understands, and Really and Truly, a high-octane psychedelic road-trip torn from the pages of cult comic 2000AD.
Hughes' clean graphic style comes to the fore in duotone for The Science Service, written by John Freeman, while Hughes explores an evocative noir palette replete with dramatic angular lighting for Raymond Chandler's Goldfish, adapted by It's Superman author Tom DeHaven. 
In addition to sketchbook pages, merchandise, and rare strips - many never seen before or out of print for over a decade - the book features an introduction by comics guru Paul Gravett.(Image)

EBEN EINGETROFFEN: Moki - Wandering Ghost

Moki - Wandering Ghost
Preis 16,- Euro

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