Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

endlich als Neuauflage

Alex Ross
Uncle Sam HC
Preis 18,95 Euro
Alex Ross illustrates a vibrant, hallucinatory tour of modern America as seen through the eyes of a homeless man who may be the living spirit of America in this new hardcover edition of a Vertigo classic. With dynamic painted art by Alex Ross, UNCLE SAM is the story of a star-spangled vagrant clad in red, white and blue, guided by the voices in his head and his own fractured memories. Absorbed by history-traveling visions of America's dark past, Uncle Sam struggles to piece together the scattered clues of his own experiences in this deep and thoughtful look at America's checkered past.(via DC)

wie ein guter Wein...

The Other Side TP
Preis 13,95 Euro
A new volume collecting the hard-hitting, acclaimed miniseries examining life on opposing sides of the Vietnam War through the eyes of two young men: Bill Everette, an Alabama farm boy who's been drafted into the Marine Corps, and Vietnamese farmer Vo Dai, who enlists in the People's Army of Vietnam to fulfill his duty to his country. This volume features loads of behind-the-scenes extras, including an introduction by Captain Dale Dye.

"Readers will be moved by how Aaron breathes life into sympathetic protagonists with starkly contrasting worldviews. GRADE: A"

"This is a comic worth reading to the end…. confrontation that promises to defy the genre and deliver a story that's more than just another war tale. Grade: A-"

"Nothing short of a true classic, up there with Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN and Alan Moore's WATCHMEN."

Ladys! Bitte merkt auch schonmal für das hier vor...

Die Camp Kimono-Collection als US Import zum schmalen Preis!

Mokona (Clamp) Okimono Kimono TP
Preis 11,95 Euro
Bestellnummer: 13372
Here is an exciting and charming addition to the CLAMP collection of works! CLAMP artist Mokona loves the art of traditional Japanese kimono. In fact, she designs kimono and kimono accessories herself and shares her love in Okimono Kimono, a fun and lavishly illustrated book full of drawings and illustrations, interviews (including an interview with Ami of the J-pop duo Puffy AmiYumi!), and even short manga stories from the CLAMP artists.

Fans of CLAMP will love Okimono Kimono for the personal glimpse of Mokonaís kimono obsession, and people who love the traditional Japanese arts will appreciate the love and detail Mokona puts into her work. Features an interview with Ami of Puffy AmiYumi. (via Dark Horse)

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