Mittwoch, 15. November 2017

"Gerechtigkeit für alle!" + Kurz-Übersicht bisheriger "Justice League" Verfilmungen (im Video)

c) 2017 DCE / WB

Und hier nun die Kritik von Branchenblatt "THR" zum morgen startenden "Justice League" Kinofilm:

"The increasingly turgid tales of Batman and Superman — joined, unfortunately for her, by Wonder Woman — trudge along to ever-diminishing returns in Justice League. 

Garishly unattractive to look at and lacking the spirit that made Wonder Woman, which came out five months ago, the most engaging of Warner Bros.' DC Comics-derived extravaganzas to date, this hodgepodge throws a bunch of superheroes into a mix that neither congeals nor particularly makes you want to see more of them in future. Plainly put, it's simply not fun. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice grossed $872.7 million worldwide last year, apparently about enough to justify its existence, and the significant presence of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in this one might boost its returns a bit higher than that."

die Hauptdarsteller bei der Premiere von "JL" in Los Angeles

Den Die kompletten Verriss und ausführliche Kritik könnt ihr (fast spoiler frei) auf der website des "Hollywood Reporter" lesen.

...andere Kritiker und Zuschauer sind dem Film gegenüber etwas milder und aufgeschlossener gestimmt! Hier z.B. die Kritik des US Comic-News Blog "The Beat":

"...this is the movie where Superman is finally done some justice. The color gradients on his suit are pumped way up, he gets to actually smile a number of times, and even crack jokes with his new teammates. This is the Superman you’ve been waiting to see on the big screen and Cavill finally gets to showcase just why he really is a perfect fit for the role. If you can look past the digital chicanery that crops up for him every other scene, Superman fans have a lot to look forward to.... all, Justice League serves its purpose in transforming the formerly grim and gritty DC-verse into a brighter, more hopeful place – it’s not even subtle, it’s outright stated in the film’s text. It’s a mixed bag, but never not entertaining on its own terms. It doesn’t quite hit those same sublimes as Wonder Woman‘s middle act, but there’s a lot of pleasure to be gained in watching these heroes pair off and shoot the breeze. It’s the funniest DC movie, it has my favorite Superman in action moment on film maybe ever, and it paints an exciting way forward for the entries that will follow in its wake...."

Die ausführliche (fast spoiler freie) komplette Kritik gibt es HIER!

Obligatorischer Werbehinweis: Die US  -Comic Books, -Sammelbände (Paperback & Hardcover), Actionfiguren, das Filmmagazin usw. gibt's (trotzdem oder gerade deshalb?) bei uns in der Torstrasse zu erwerben...

m.M.n. die beste filmische Umsetzung eines Superhelden-Teams:
"Justice League Unlimited" (dt. als "Liga der Gerechten" diesem informativen Video wird jede Version der "Justice League"
(und auch ihres Vorläufers, der "Justice Society"
aus den bisherigen Real-Verfilmungen (zumeist für's Fernsehen) 
mit allen Mitgliedern vorgestellt!