Montag, 29. Mai 2017

Update (2): Dumm - Dümmer - Trump... im US- MAD # 546 + more Trump...

...bei uns erhältlich ab ca. Mitte Juni
HEUTE, 21.06. ("scheffel")  :

"Der Trump-Clan"

A View to a Shill Dept.

The cover of MAD #546 takes us behind the scenes at the Oval Office, which now seems to be operating like a family business! The issue goes on sale soon, but since the President’s son-in-law has been named the F.B.I.’s person of interestin the Russia probe, it’s also breaking news! (Cover Artist: Mark Fredrickson)


...voraussichtlich ab Ende Juni bei uns erhältlich:

bereits ab Mittwoch, 14. Juni im Unfug zu bekommen:


MAD Dumps On Trump: A Brilliant Look At Our Brainless President is an all-out comedy assault on the most idiotic idiot to ever reach the White House (George W. Bush and visitors included)! In these 128 pages, President Trump is mercilessly mocked, relentlessly ridiculed and savagely satirized. The book features MAD’s sharpest satiric shots at “The Donald,” comically chronicling his rise from obnoxious businessman to really obnoxious reality show host to uber obnoxious “Commander-in-Tweet.”

Please note: 
MAD will not offer refunds on this book when Trump is impeached

...und weiterhin bei uns erhältlich:
MAD # 545, ebenfalls mit mehr
Trump als einem lieb sein kann!