Samstag, 22. Februar 2020

UPDATE! THR meldet: "Dan Didio und DC getrennt! Jim Lee jetzt alleiniger DC Herausgeber!"

Dan Didio

Das stets gut informierte  Branchenblatt der amerikanischen Entertainment Industrie, "The Hollywood Reporter", überraschte in der vergangenen Nacht mit der Meldung, das Dan Didio und DC Comics ab sofort "getrennte Wege" gehen werden. Beide Seiten äußern sich (zumindest bisher) nicht dazu, ob diese Trennung einvernehmlich stattfand...

"Dan DiDio is no longer with DC, THR can confirm. DiDio had served as publisher of DC alongside Jim Lee since 2010, following a six-year stint as VP executive editor, and, prior to that, VP editorial...
...DiDio’s departure comes ahead of an announced further relaunch of the DC comic book universe that would restore even more elements removed as part of the 2011 reboot, as teased at New York Comic Con last year...

...While that project has not been officially announced, certain stories that reportedly tie-in have been, including DC’s Free Comic Book Day release "Generation Zero: Gods Among Us". It’s unclear if plans for this relaunch will be delayed or cancelled in the wake of this news...

...Since stepping into an executive role at the company, DiDio has served as DC’s public face at conventions and public events, and has worked to champion not only the company as a whole but specifically the comic book division — and comic book specialty market — as being integral to DC’s success on an ongoing basis...

Dan Didio & Jim Lee

...With DiDio’s departure, Jim Lee becomes sole publisher at DC, in addition to his role as the company’s chief creative officer, a position he’s held since June 2018..."

Die komplette Meldung des THR !

( den vergangenen Stunden auch von anderen US-Medien bestätigt!)

UPDATE (22.02.20 / 18h):

Die "Los Angeles Times" erläutert die Hintergründe etwas ausführlicher; lesenswerter Beitrag, sofern man sich (auch) für den geschäftlichen Teil des US- Comic Book Business interessiert.

Lest "DC Entertainment shakeup continues with the exit of co-publisher Dan DiDio" 

"...The comic book publishing industry has been under pressure for years, and independent book sellers have struggled to stay in business amid competition for young audiences from YouTube and social media. 

At the same time, AT&T is relying on the the comic book intellectual property to remain relevant. The famed caped characters represent a cornerstone of AT&T’s strategy to create hit TV shows and movies and to drive subscribers to its upcoming streaming service HBO Max.
DC went through a major restructuring in January 2019, in which several high-level executives were laid off..."