Samstag, 25. April 2020

Joe Hill über "Locke & Key", das Crossover zu DC's "Sandman" sowie weitere Serien und Romane

"Locke And Key / Sandman" Crossover Prelude Preview
Interior Art / Promo

Das "Locke & Key / Sandman" Crossover soll (trotz des derzeit noch vorherrschenden US- Vertriebs-Chaos) wie geplant im Herbst von IDW und DC Comics veröffentlicht werden.

"In Pale Battalions Go" fungiert hier als offizielles Prequel zum Crossover.

"Gabriel Rodriguez has already polished off the cover and the first five pages of our new Locke & Key story. 

"In Pale Battalions Go" is a two-parter and sets up the "Locke & Key / Sandman Universe" crossover. It's also a key storyline in World War Key 0: The Golden Age, the book Gabe and I put together in spare moments over the last decade (Some of the other Golden Age stories include "Open The Moon" and "Small World"). 

But he also talked about reducing his concentration on comic books going forward, as Locke & Key, World War Key, the Hill House imprint (DC Black Label) and Dying Is Easy all collide.

I'm just going to script one comic at a time and it's only half of my daily writing. 

I've got a novel to work on (and it's sizzlin'!). I've promised the book the other half of my work day. With all that in mind, "Locke & Key" is my only comic project between now and the end of June, moving from "Pale Battalions" straight into the Sandman Crossover. 

After that, I've made promises to DC Comics to work on this other thing in July and August. And then in September Gabe and I are going to tackle an original that we've been discussing since at least 2012. That ought to be enough to scratch my comic book itch, while still allowing the novel plenty of breathing room."

Promo-Art für's Crossover

Die Sammelband Reihen ("Graphic Novel" Format) von Joe Hill's "Locke & Key" (US-Ausgaben und dt.) und auch Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" (dito) sind stets bei uns im UNFUG vorrätig!

Vol. 1 (US TP)