Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

*Jeeeeeeez, look at Chris Ware’s "Building Stories"

Chris Ware’s gargantuan masterpiece has finally arrived in the Cape office, and what a sight it is to behold. Encased within a large boardgame-style box are fourteen parts to Building Stories, each component as covetable as the last. Broadsheet newspapers, a gold-spined journal, a cloth-bound porfolio, pamphlets, magazines, leaflets and a foldout board. It’s going to be the best Christmas present you ever asked for (or treated yourself to).

We’ve unboxed it here but the best way to experience this monument of comics is to buy it. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until October, but I know plenty of comic shops will allow you to place pre-orders. Walk into your local today, they’ll disappear quickly.

Chris Ware
Building Stories

246 Seiten

Pantheon (USA)
ISBN 9780375424335 / 0375424334

Jonathan Cape (UK)
ISBN 9780224078122 / 0224078127

ca. 39,95 Euro
ab Oktober vorrätig