Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Ergänzt: S.O.S. GRANT MORRISON: sein "Action Comics" Run endet bereits mit # 16, "Batman Inc." mit # 12! + "Society Of Superheroes", "Multiversity"

Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely
"Happy!" # 1 - ...die Superhelden abgeschossen

DC - Autoren- Wunderwaffe GRANT MORRISON hat keinen Bock mehr auf "Super-Helden" (zumindest vorläufig)! Im aktuellen Interview verkündet er den Ausstieg aus seinen aktuellen DC - Super-Heroes- Projekten "ACTION COMICS" und "BATMAN INCORPORATED".

Hier nun noch zwei prägnante Zitate aus Morrison's Interview:

"...The idea was always that I’d keep doing it as long as it gave me a lot of pleasure and allowed me to express myself. And it still does, but I can see the end coming closer. I’m coming to the end of long runs and stories I’ve had planned in my notebooks for years and the stuff I’m developing now is quite different...

...The “Action Comics” run concludes with issue #16, “Batman Incorporated” wraps up my take with issue #12, and after that I don’t have any plans for monthly superhero books for a while. “Multiversity” is eight issues and I’m 30-odd pages into a Wonder Woman project but those are finite stories...."

Das komplette, ausführliche Interview muß man gelesen haben, auf CBR, HIER!

Dort erzählt Grant auch von seinen Beweggründen, die aktuelle "Creator- owned"- Serie "HAPPY!" bei Image Comics zu veröffentlichen (und nicht wie gewohnt bei VERTIGO).


Inzwischen hat CBR den 2. Teil des Interviews mit GRANT MORRISON veröffentlicht, in dem er sich nicht nur zu seinen eigenen Serien äußert sondern z.B. auch zum Thema "Creator owned comics" und wie seine Arbeitsbeziehung zu DC Comics aussieht.

Eine Kostprobe:

"...I'm a freelance commercial writer who sells stories to pay the bills. I'm not an employee of any company except for the one run by me and my wife. I'm not a role model or the figurehead for any movement. I don't doubt that corporations can be underhanded, and I feel sorry for anyone who genuinely gets caught out. We live in a world where every day involves multiple negotiations with corporate power in one way or another, and all I can say is, enlist a lawyer to go through any contract before you sign it. Or self-publish...

...Otherwise, my own relationship with DC Comics is a pretty good one. I have a lot of friends at the company. I've always been treated fairly and with respect. I get to do what I want without heavy-handed editorial interference. The accounting department pays regularly, it pays on time, royalties are good, my back catalogue is kept in print in multiple editions and honestly, I couldn't say the same for some of the small press or alternative publishers I've worked for in the past...

Action Comics (Vol.2) ## 12 + 0
c) 2012 DC

...Most of them still owe me for work done in good faith. Under DC's umbrella, with access to their printing facilities and distribution, I've been able to put out pretty idiosyncratic personal stuff like "Kill Your Boyfriend," "The Invisibles," "The Filth," "We3," "Joe the Barbarian" and others to a wide audience. Me and my collaborators own those books. No one can do "Before We3" but me and Frank Quitely! No one can do "After Seaguy" except me and Cameron Stewart...

...I never signed a contract I regretted, and I never felt cheated by DC. My own experience proves they can be reasonable and honorable, if you deal with them in an adult fashion and I have to take that into account before I condemn anyone working there today over decisions made in the past. I've found that "issues" rarely seem to come in convenient black and white, and that's pretty much my last word on this..."

In den kommenden Tagen wird CBR einen 3. Interview-Teil veröffentlichen, in dem sich Grant Morrison speziell zu seinen diversen Arbeiten an den BATMAN- Titeln äußern wird!


(...als "Superman"-Fan darf ich an dieser Stelle noch anmerken, das ich seine Entscheidung mega-ärgerlich finde. Noch vor einem Jahr verkündete Morrison in diversen Interviews, das er die Action-Stories bis zur # 16 fertig-geschrieben hätte... und bis etwa Heft # 25 oder 30 habe er bereits einen groben Plot fertig... JETZT ALSO DOCH NICHT?!?

Damit tut's Morrison Mr. John Byrne gleich, der beim damaligen "Supie-Neustart" -ältere Jahrgänge erinnern sich; es begab sich anno 1986- auch bereits viel früher als geplant das Weite suchte... Es ist wirklich zum kotzen...

(Abb. ähnlich / "Ersatzflüssigkeit")

...und dann sind da noch zwei weitere Beiträge die -zumindest für Morrison-Fans-
"must-read-items" darstellen (wobei beim lesen zu bedenken ist, das diese Äußerungen getan wurden, bevor Morrison seinen Ausstieg aus den Super-Helden verkündete!) :

Comics Anonymous hat die Mitschrift einer Frage/Antwort-Session an der Grant Morrison und Zeichner Frank Quitely vor etwa 2 Wochen teilnahmen (anläßlich der "Glasgow Comic Con"). Dort plauderten beide angeregt über die "Society Of Superheroes" (S.O.S.), der Pulp-Version bekannter DC Charactere. Weitere Themen: "Captain Marvel" (der "echte" / die DC -Version / "Shazam"), "Thunder World", "Master Men" (die faschistische Fassung der JLA!) u.v.m.

Laura Sneddon of Comic Book Grrl schließlich hat unter anderem nähere Infos zu "Pax Americana"... Außerdem plaudert man über "Flex Mentallo" (endlich im Hardcover erhältlich!), über die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Grant & Frank u.v.m. ...ach ja, um "Multiversity" und die damit verbundenen Besuche auf diversen Erden aus DCs Multiverse geht's natürlich auch:

"...die Geschichte des Multiversums ist
eine Geschichte voller Mißverständnisse..."

"...I'm doing this series called Multiversity next year which is a bunch of superhero books in different parallel universes, and one of them's the Charlton characters. So one of the ideas I had was since the Watchmen were based on some of the Charlton characters, to do a book about the Charlton characters, we've kind of updated some of the storytelling techniques from Watchmen, because nobody's really done much with them. The kind of books that are out just now are tackling it in a very different way I thought, it would be really interesting to the challenge of those beautiful crystalline mirrored structures that exist in that world. So we kind of tried to find a new way to do it. Stuff like, where they had a nine panel structure, we've got this 8 panel grid and it's based on the musical harmonics and it's all to do with DC, and this ringing frequency..."