Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

eben eingetroffen!

Adam Hines - Duncan the Wonder Dog 
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Osterzeit = Comiczeit

Wer zum Osterfest noch ein Comic sucht sollte sich mal The Klondike von Zach Worton ansehen...
Wer reingucken will und zu faul ist zu uns zu kommen kann gern ->HIER<- klicken, da geht es zum einem PDF Preview.

Zach Worton - The Klondike
Preis 22,95 Euro

The Klondike gold rush shook the Yukon on the eve of the twentieth century and stands today as the defining era in the taming of North America and especially Canada’s Great North. The history of how a handful of colorful characters sparked the largest mobilization of gold seekers in history is brought vividly to life in this debut graphic novel by cartoonist Zach Worton. 
His stunning depictions of the Canadian wilderness are as much a part of the action as the key players: the prospector George Carmack; racist prospector Robert Henderson; “Skookum Jim Mason,” a Native American posthumously credited with discovering gold; “Soapy Smith,” a noted con artist; and Belinda Mulrooney, perhaps the first female involved in the gold rush to become rich; and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 
Worton draws the reader into an absorbing historical tale of political intrigue and personal adventure, played out amid the free-for-all atmosphere of the Wild West. (Drawn and Quarterly)