Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

neueste Erkenntnisse zum iPad, der Bedeutung digitaler Comics und den Einflüssen auf den (Comic-)Buchhandel

US-amerikanische Verlagsvertreter zur Frage: Does The iPad Change Everything?

Und vor kurzem sprach Graeme McMillan ( mit David Steinberger (Comixology) u.a. über die Bedeutung digitaler Comics für den Comicbuchhandel:

The comic book market is not like any other market out there. It’s not going to follow the same sales trajectory as music, because it already has terrible distribution and is already a niche-slash-boutique print market. The stores are almost a cultural center. You could compare it to vinyl, to these vinyl boutique that are popping up in urban centers and celebrating the culture of vinyl, of record stores, having a very personalized experience. That’s what comic stores already are. I don’t see any danger to that through digital... -> weiter