Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Adult. Gay. Erotic Art. From Japan. And an ENGLISH blog: Gengoroh Tagame

The insanely great gay manga artist Gengoroh Tagame has a blog, and one in English at that! This is pretty great as it’s a rare thing for a mangaka to have an English language blog, and Tagame is one of the most talented and easily the most famous mangaka producing gay-themed work (real gay, as opposed to yaoi-gay). -> Christopher Butcher

aus: »Virtus« Gengoroh Tagame ©2010

Here is an adult site that is handling gay erotic art.
Contents of site include pictures of gay, sadism, masochism and various fetishism.
If you are not an adult, or if you think those contents will hurt your feeling,
please click NOT: