Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

"DCs NEW 52": Die "Zero Month"- Facebook- Umfrage die nach hinten los ging... (aka "Fanboys Revenge")

Es begann als simple Umfrage auf DCs (vor einiger Zeit "verschlimmbesserter" / "modernisierter") Homepage:  "With Zero Month drawing to a close we're wondering: How do you want to learn more about the history of the characters in DC Comics-The New 52?" 

...dumm dabei nur: der geneigte Neu-Fan (bzw. inzwischen von den "NEW 52s" angeödete Alt-Sammler) konnte hierbei nicht nur die von DC vorgegebenen Antworten anklicken sondern auch EIGENE Vorschläge eintragen (über die andere Leser der Umfrage dann mitabstimmen konnten)! Das Umfrage-Ergebnis ist... naja, Mr. Spock würde wohl sagen "faszinierend"... und Dr. Sheldon Cooper wohl eher "Bazinga!"

"Bleeding Cool" meldete nun vor wenigen Tagen, das DC Comics diese Umfrage in Rekordzeit wieder vom Netz genommen hat, wohl wegen der zahlreichen "alternativen Antworten" der Fans (die für den Verlag peinlich, für uns aber in höchstem Maße amüsant sind)...

Hier nun eine (kleine!) Auswahl...

*Bring Back the old DCU "Crisis on Earth-New52": How the experiment ends and we return to the "real" DCU 

*Bring back some characters, such as Wally West, Cassie Cain and Stephanie Brown. 

*Musical numbers performed by dancing monkeys on "The Source" 
(gemeint ist DCs Newssite)

*Fire Scott Lobdell 

*Give Booster Gold his own new 52 title and let him fixt the DCnU mess

*Just end the New52 for God's Sake! 

 *Bring back Rucka and Waid; Lose Johns and Glass 

*Forget about continuity, just give us good stories about characters we recognize 

*Make Karen Berger DC's EiC. 

*Have Paul Dini do something, for gosh's sakes! 

*At least fix the Arrow, Flash and Batfams and hire competent writers. 

*Let the history unfold as part of the ongoing story 

*Go back to the old DCU and we all promise to pretend this mess never happened 

*Leave all pre-reboot original DCU history intact on their own numbered Earth 

*Backup features are also a cool way to add backstory. 

*A foldout timeline special issue 

*When are Tim Drake and Conner Kent going to make out? 

*Hire artists who can properly draw women. 

*Fire anyone ignorant of basic anatomy.

*Again to make the Superman married to Lois Lane. 

*Bring back the old Arrow Family. Ollie + Roy + Lian + Connor + Mia + Dinah! 

*Have your best writers make a Universe Bible and make Editors stick to it.

*Make batmite kill all new 52 charaters 

*Bring back Detective Chimp, give him his own book 

*Give Ambush Bug his own book, have him fix the universe 

*Fire Bob Harras, make Didio sole publisher, keep Lee as just an artist, new EiC. 

*What ever you do, do not cancel Demon Knights 

*Cripple Barbra Gordon

*Put a detailed "Who's Who" on the DC Web site with the corrected continuity 

*Make a porn comic with Powergirl and Superman 

*Have the New 52 be like Marvel's Ultimate Universe and run alongside old DC. 

*Have Gail Simone do a New52 

*Make a porn comic with Powergirl and Huntress. 

*Explain Why The Guardians Go Mad Every Time Dc Can't Decide What To Do With GLC 

*Pretend that Crisis on Infinite Earths never happened in 1986! 

*Sell all your characters to Marvel and let them fix the problems 

*Duct tape Dan Didio and throw him in a closet in Antarctica. 

*Make an ongoing about Superman doing Wonder Woman in different sex positions 

*Bring back the Golden Age heroes of the All-Star Squadron during WWII 

...etc. etc. etc. ....

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