Sonntag, 15. April 2012

BEFORE WATCHMEN: neues Artwork + JMS zu Alan Moores Vorwürfen

c) 2012 DC

"You don’t leave the best players on the bench
when you want to win the game."

DCs Dan Didio zur Frage:
"Wieso neue Watchmen Stories?"

...neben der offiziellen "Before Watchmen"- Montage (Abb. oben) gibt es auch (erneut) eine interessante Äußerung von Autor J.M. Straczynsky zum dauerhaft-'rumnölenden Alan Moore:

“On an emotional level, I get it. What is interesting is that in a conversation with the pissed off people, you have to chase the logic tree. ‘DC doesn’t have the rights to do this.’ Actually, they do. ‘Alan Moore doesn’t like it.’ Well, Alan Moore is a genius, but he has been abusing characters in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen like having Mr. Hyde anally rape Invisible Man to death which Robert Louis Stevenson wouldn’t have approved of...”

JMS weiter: “Did Alan Moore get screwed on his contract? Of course. Lots of people get screwed, but we still have Spider-Man and lots of other heroes...”

(...wir warten derweil gespannt ("Gähn") auf Mr. Moores nächstes Interview zum Thema "meine Watchmen" in CNN, News Of The World, National Inquire, Wachturm, Super-Illu, Bild...)